Frank Plut joined McCarthy Cook & Company in November of 2011, as Chief Engineer, at the Sandler Neuroscience Center, UCSF Mission Bay Campus; where he is accountable for the operations of advance electrical and mechanical infrastructures and supporting utilities. As Chief, he coordinates and manages all contractor-performed annual system certifications and maintenance for the research facility.

Prior to joining McCarthy Cook, Frank started his career as a Journeyman at Bank of America Data Center in 1993; in 1999 he was promoted to Controls technician responsible for Building Automation and Energy Monitoring System. Trained the engineering staff on the sequence of operation and tuning of the control loops. His greatest achievement being the implementation of the “free cooling” concept used for energy savings in later the LEED accredited building. In 2005 was promoted to Assistant Chief at UCSF and in March of 2011 Interim Chief Engineer with a staff of 24 Engineers, accountable for 24 hour building operation and maintenance for 5 Mission Bay Campus Research Facilities, Community Center, 4 Student Housing high rise and UCSF Data Center.

Frank possesses a California B and C10 license, UST System Operator License, EPA/CFC Universal Certification, has completed both the Niagara – Engineering Course R2, and Niagara – Engineering Course G3.

Frank Plut
Chief Engineer

San Francisco
(415) 552-2132
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