Los Angeles’s LUMEN West LA Innovates In Glazing. Construction Management

August 23, 2021

Los Angeles’s Lumen West Innovates in Glazing, Construction Management | Glass Magazine

Under two of the many cranes lining the L.A. skyline, the existing Trident Center Building is undergoing an extensive renovation and reimagination as Lumen West, a new experiential office concept designed by Gensler. The project also features a very unique project management strategy for its Walters & Wolf glaziers, one involving steak and eggs.

It all started as a form of friendly challenge. Project superintendent Matt Cowles of Hathaway Dinwiddie, challenged the Walters & Wolf team to hit a goal of 120 panels installed in a day, offering to personally cook the entire crew a steak and egg breakfast, if achieved.

Cowles issued the challenge after witnessing the crew of Charles Anderson, glazing field superintendent for Walters & Wolf, hit 98 panels installed in one day. “I don’t do this for all of the subs all the time,” says Cowles. “But when I see a crew like Charlie’s out there busting their tails and getting the job done it is my pleasure to take care of them.”

Cowles made good on his word, as Anderson’s team set a total of 129 in a day. That week the glaziers working on Lumen West enjoyed 60-plus T-bone steaks and more than 120 eggs before their shift started.

The Trident Building’s modernization will completely re-skin the two-tower façade while adding restaurant and retail spaces, along with a fitness center and several terrace decks. The exterior will be wrapped in a unitized, triple-glazed curtain wall system designed and installed by Walters & Wolf, featuring insulating glass units manufactured by AGC Interpane. This floor-to-ceiling high performance glazing will provide optimal views, daylighting and thermal comfort