McCarthy Cook has obtained 3.6 million sqft of entitlements in Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento and Phoenix. The success of MCC’s past developments has established good standing and credibility with local civic leaders in the markets in which the firm has performed. MCC continues to cultivate strategic relationships with city staff, political leaders and consultants in these and other target markets.

China Basin – San Francisco, CA

In 2000, MCC procured 140,000 sqft of residential (188 units) and 50,000 sqft of office entitlements atop the 3-story Berry Street Building.

In 2005, MCC successfully converted 190,000 sqft of residential/office entitlements at China Basin to 175,000 sqft of office/R&D.

Central Arts Plaza Lot III – Phoenix, AZ

MCC acquired entitlements to develop a 500,000 sqft office tower adjacent to the existing Viad Corporate Center

Symphony Towers – Costa Mesa, CA

MCC gained approval from the City of Costa Mesa to convert 200,000 sqft of existing hotel entitlements to 1,000,000 sqft of residential entitlements (484 units). Prior to seeking approval for entitlement variance, MCC successfully designed and engineered a lot line adjustment in order to separate the entitled land from improved land which was later sold.

Metro Center at South Coast – Costa Mesa, CA

MCC obtained entitlements to build a 450,000 sqft office campus, 200,000 square foot hotel, two 8,000 sqft restaurants, a 51,000 sqft health club, a 4,000 sqft retail center and two parking structures.

Stonecrest – San Diego, CA

MCC acquired an existing 215,000 sqft office building and was successful in obtaining entitlements from the City of San Diego to build additional office/ R&D product.